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Peach Melba sundae

Peach Melba meets knickerbocker glory in this decadent sundae. Add a dash of champagne or prosecco for a grown-up dessert – the perfect end to a summer menu
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Tropical tart

Create a stunning geometric design on this tropical fruit tart using triangles of mango and kiwi or dragon fruit and pineapple – or dream up your own
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Banana & tahini porridge

Pep up your porridge with a tahini drizzle and toasted sesame seeds. Oats and tahini help to promote good digestion so you can start your day the healthy way
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Roasted asparagus & pea salad

Whip up this quick and healthy asparagus, pea and egg salad and you'll get plenty of nutrients including vitamin C and iron, plus three of your 5-a-day
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Miso mackerel rice bowl

A triple whammy for maintaining a healthy gut, this flavour-packed rice bowl contains mackerel, miso and leeks to help keep your digestive system happy
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Pea mousse

Impress dinner guests with this creamy pea mousse, which makes a great dessert that's bang on trend. Decorate with pea shoots and flowers for the wow factor
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Cauliflower steaks with roasted red pepper & olive salsa

Unlock the flavours of cauliflower with a red pepper, olive and caper salsa, topped with almonds. Healthy and vegan, it makes a tasty light lunch or supper
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Chia & yogurt puddings with berries

Try these summery little berry puddings for breakfast. They're made chia seeds, which are full of fibre and omega-3 fatty acids, and bio yogurt too
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Huevos rancheros

Enjoy this Mexican-inspired vegetarian brunch of egg, tomato, avocado, kidney beans and cheese, on top of tortilla. It's spicy, filling and full of flavour
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Bring These 10 Knitting & Crocheting Tools With You When Traveling!

It’s the season of vacation, road trips and all sorts of adventures. But that doesn’t mean you need to stop stitching! All you need is a well-packed travel bag for knitting and crocheting.

Everything Mary Deluxe Yarn ToteEverything Mary Deluxe Yarn Tote

What else should go in that travel bag?

Of course, you’ll need your yarn and needles or hooks. But it’s so disappointing if you’re traveling with a projectsb only to find that you left out a tool that you really need. When you’re packing your bags this summer, consider some of these extras, too.

1. Stitch markers

Locking Stitch Markers

Whether you need to mark the beginning of the round or you just need to mark a stitch here and there, stitch markers are super handy. These Clover Locking Stitch Markers are great for marking individual stitches as well as the beginning of a round.

If you’re reading this and you’re stuck without a marker, try one of these stitch marker hacks.

2. Small scissors or a yarn cutter

Clover Yarn Pendant

It’s not pretty when you have to cut yarn with your teeth (believe me. I’ve tried it!), but nobody wants to lug around a huge pair of scissors. Have a pair of small scissors, nail clippers or a yarn cutter handy. This Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant is great for travel because you can wear it around your neck. It gives you easy access to the cutter without having to dig around, which is so valuable when you’re in a car or on a plane.

3. Scrap yarn

Clover Knitting Bobbins

It may seem weird to bring extra yarn, especially if you’re limited on space — but little yardages of scrap yarn can serve all kinds of purposes. They can double as stitch makers, they can serve as stitch holders, or they can help you practice stitches before trying them out on your project. Wind them around a bobbin like the Clover Bobbins pictured above to keep everything in your project bag organized and tidy.

4. Extra needles or hooks

Maybe you’re a knitter who needs to do a three-needle bind off, or maybe you’re a crocheter who needs to switch hook sizes at some point in the project. Sometimes even knitters need a crochet hook! Read through your pattern before you pack and see if you need to pack any extra needles or hooks to complete the project.

5. Measuring tape

Dritz Measuring Tapes

If you’re working on a smaller project like a sock, you may only need a small gauge ruler. If you’re working on a larger project like a garment, though, longer measuring tools (like this Dritz Measuring Tape) is your best bet for measuring sections that are longer than 4″ or 5″. Plus the measuring tape rolls up, so it’s easier to store and won’t break!

6. Row counter

Clover Mini Knitting Counter

I often use a digital row counter on my phone, but since access to my phone can be unpredictable when traveling, I often bring along a small knitting counter like the Clover Mini Knitting Counter pictured above. This row counter has a lock, so even if it gets jostled around in your bag, you won’t lose your count.

6. Yarn needle

Clover Chibi Darning NeedlesYou never know when you might need a yarn needle, whether it’s for weaving in ends or seaming pieces together. These Clover Chibi Darning Needles come in a little case that’s ideal for traveling.

8. Printed pattern

Many of us work off a digital pattern, and that’s so handy for traveling. However, sometimes things happen — our phone battery dies or we can’t access the internet — so you might consider printing off the pattern as a backup.

9. Needle point protectors

Knitting needle point protectors

Knitters will find protectors like these Clover Knitting Needle Point Protectors handy for both securing stitches so that they don’t fall off the needle and protecting bamboo needle ends.

10. Stitch holders

Lion Brand Stitch Holders

Stitch holders like these Lion Brand Stitch Holders will hold all your stitches in place, even as your project travel bag gets tossed around.